Important Viciplay Development Update

Important Viciplay Development Update

We have decided to move the launch of Viciplay 2.0 from the end of Q1 to later this year.

This delay is - in large part - due to the fact that the original vision for the next version of Viciplay has changed drastically. New features need more time to be developed, and while we want nothing more than to launch the new platform as soon as possible, we won’t do it before it’s ready.

We know that a lot of you will be disappointed, but we also know that this is the right decision for the platform. Our vision for Viciplay is to make it the best it can be, and for us to do that, we’ll need a bit more patience from you.

We feel we are working on something great, and we will be revealing more about the new direction that we are taking Viciplay as we get further into development.

To those of you awaiting the launch this Q1, please accept our sincerest apologies, and know that this delay is for the better.

Best wishes,
The Viciplay team

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