Why Major CS:GO Stickers Are a Big Deal

Why Major CS:GO Stickers Are a Big Deal

At each Major CS:GO tournament, Valve releases a bunch of unique stickers for qualifying teams and players.

For the 2022 PGL Majors in Antwerp this Spring, a total of 6 new capsules have been released for fans to show their support to both players and teams during and after the event, but other than being cool cosmetics, why are they such a big deal? Why do teams care so much about having stickers in CS:GO?

We’re taking a look at what makes CS:GO Major stickers so important.

What are CS:GO Major stickers?

The stickers released with a new Major are used as cosmetics for weapons in-game to commemorate the teams and players taking part in the tournament. One capsule contains one random sticker, which means that fans will have to get lucky if they’re looking for a specific sticker with their favorite team or player.

To make it a bit easier to get your hands on the right one, capsules are divided into three categories corresponding to the three qualifying brackets: Legends, Challengers, and Contenders. Additionally, three capsules with player autographs are also available for purchase.

A final capsule, called the Champions Autograph Capsule containing autographs of the players on the winning team will be available for purchase once the Major ends. All stickers feature different versions with various colors and effects depending on their rarity

Much more than cool cosmetics

It's no surprise that having your team or name immortalized in the game is something most professional players dream of. But aside from the prestige, stickers also have a monetary value.

50% of sticker proceeds go directly to the players and organizations, and with more than a million capsules sold on average during a Major, simply qualifying for the tournament would be huge for most teams. It has actually been reported that some players can earn close to their yearly salary in just sticker sales.

The Steam Market value

On top of sale proceeds, the Steam Market can be incredibly rewarding for those with a bit of patience. Usually, teams are given a select number of stickers to pass out to their players for them to resell or hold on to. Looking back at previous Majors, doing the latter could very well be a great idea.

Some of the most expensive and sought-after stickers are the Katowice Major stickers released in 2014, and if you were lucky enough to grab one, you would be the owner of the rarest items in the game.

Source: Valve

Source: Valve

CS:GO wasn't always the giant that it is today, and it actually took a few years for the game to really gain traction. This meant that the player base in 2014 was a fraction of what it is today, and Major capsules weren't that popular. Add to that teams being disbanded, stickers being used, accounts being banned, and you end up with an incredibly limited sticker supply. 

With less than 60 unused stickers left in total, the original Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014 sticker is by far the rarest item in CS:GO. This has resulted in an overwhelmingly one-sided supply and demand, and a single sticker will set you back around $50,000 to $60,000+ USD. Keep in mind that these once sold for less than $20 USD.

Unfortunately, fans shouldn't expect to be cashing in their 2022 PGL Major stickers for a new car anytime soon. With the rise in popularity of CS:GO, the rise in the supply of stickers and skins has followed suit. Instead, the stickers should be enjoyed for what they were meant to be: a way to support your favorite teams and players during one of the biggest esport events of the year.

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