Huge Changes to CS:GO in New Operation Riptide

Huge Changes to CS:GO in New Operation Riptide

Valve have released their latest update with Operation Riptide, featuring massive gameplay changes, a brand-new mission system with Private Queues, and shorter competitive matches. Players can also look forward to all-new rewards including new weapon collections, agents and more.

Big change to Dust 2 along with several new maps

It’s no longer possible to view mid from T-spawn on Dust 2, something that has been requested by players for quite a few years already. Before the change, players would have to smoke the double doors on mid to defend the B site, but Valve has finally listened and placed a giant wall to obscure the view from the corridor completely. 

Both bombsites on Ancient have also seen a slight increase in size to decrease the need for smokes from the T-side when planting.

Operation Riptide will also feature a bunch of new maps for the various game modes and missions including Extraction, Insertion II, Basalt, County, and Ravine.

Source: Valve

Source: Valve

New ways to play

Players looking to square up in matches against their friends can do so in a new Private Queue hosted on Valve servers. Using a player-generated Queue Code, players can join each other in a private lobby to match without having to go through the hassle of finding an empty server or using third-party services.

Shorter competitive matches and new game modes

Before heading into a new competitive match, players are now given the option to pick shorter matches of 9 rounds instead of the normal 16. These matches will still have the classic competitive ruleset, but instead of lasting 45 minutes, these compressed bouts should be over in 25 minutes.

On top of adding a new way to play competitive matches, Valve have also added Free-For-All Deathmatches to the official queue, effectively making the need for joining privately hosted DM-servers a thing of the past.

Source: Valve

Source: Valve

Quality of life improvements

Besides the major game mode additions, Valve have also made sure to overhaul a few gameplay aspects, including droppable grenades, buffs to the M4A1-S body damage, a slight nerf to Deagle body damage and a discount on Dual Berettas.

There has also been added a Riot Shield as a heavy weapon available for the CT-side in casual hostage maps.

Source: Valve

New weapon collections, agents, and cosmetics

In recent trend of new Operations, the update adds new community-designed weapon finishes along with Valve-designed collections in Riptide themes.

Inspired by the Guerrila fighters and NAVY SEAL teams, the new agent collection features new Master Agents for players to unlock from missions and challenges.

Source: Valve

You can read the full list of updates included with the new Operation Riptide right here.

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