What is FACEIT Enhancer?

What is FACEIT Enhancer?

FACEIT Enhancer is a browser extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, adding new features while also improving existing ones at the same time. It makes it easy to quickly get detailed information about teammates as well as your opponents while adding a ton of quality of life improvements.

What does FACEIT Enhancer do?

Normally, when you’re in the match room or lobby, you’re limited in what information about your opponent you’ll get access to. If you’re inclined to play in HUBs or even just pick up games with strangers, you won’t really have an idea of who you’re playing against or with until you’re already in-game. Whenever precious ELO is on the line, that’s not ideal.

Luckily, the FACEIT Enhancer is here to help, and it’ll make things like vetoing maps a lot easier.

Source: Valve

Source: Valve

Once enabled, you’ll be able to see player countries, premade teammates, ELO, and player stats from the previous 20 matches without having to leave the match room at all. As if that wasn’t enough, it will also automatically accept party invites, veto maps, and ready up for matches without you having to do anything!

Even though FACEIT Enhancer isn’t developed by directly FACEIT, using it is totally legal and won’t get you in trouble.

Best of all – the extension is completely free to use

Did you know?

FACEIT was so impressed by the FACEIT Enhancer, that they hired the original creator as a Software Engineer to work at FACEIT!

How do I install FACEIT Enhancer?

Installing FACEIT Enhancer couldn’t get any easier. If you’re using Chrome, just click ‘Add to Chrome’ from the extension shop, and it’ll be ready and working the next time you log in to FACEIT. The process is exactly the same for Firefox users, simply go to the Add-on site and under Extensions click ‘Add to Firefox’ and you’re good to go.

Get FACEIT Enhancer here.

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