League's Patch 12.10 To Include Game-Changing Durability Updates

League's Patch 12.10 To Include Game-Changing Durability Updates

After revealing the full schedule for League's Mid-Season Invitational, Riot's developer team has revealed a slew of massive durability changes with their upcoming patch, 12.10.
Patch 12.10 follows through the 'mid-scope update' heavy patch that introduced a series of mini overhauls for Olaf, Taliyah, and more.

Through a Quick Gameplay Thoughts blog post, Riot's League team revealed the upcoming durability changes releasing with the next patch, reducing healing and burst damage while increasing overall HP and armor for many champions. Riot has also targeted Armor and Magic Resist per Armor to encourage more opportunities for counterplay.

"We do not want to move to a meta where tanks become unkillable, burst champions are rendered obsolete, or where Pro Play becomes a snoozefest, so we'll be monitoring role and champion balance extra carefully over the next few weeks," stated Riot's League team. Riot also explained their goal of hitting a 'sweet spot' where all classes turn viable while increasing the pacing of each match to allow for healthier moments of 'skill expression.'

As Riot continues to deploy these system changes, they will monitor their effect on the game's meta and release more updates if required, also stating that a balance for 12.10 was very likely.
The durability changes will ship along with Patch 12.10, scheduled for a May 25 release.

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