Rengar and Master Yi Receive Nerfs in League's 12.9 Patch Preview

Rengar and Sion Receive Nerfs in League's 12.9 Patch Preview

The preview for League's upcoming patch, 12.9, details buffs and nerfs for a list of mid-lane and bot-laners as Riot reworks more champions with an intent to reinsert them back into the meta.

Lead Balance Designer on the Rift, Matt 'Phroxzon' Leung-Harrison, revealed the upcoming balance changes for several champions, detailing nerfs for Rengar and Sion's passive damage to turrets while in his zombie form. Fans of the Undead Juggernaut would no longer be able to harm turrets significantly, as Riot halves his zombie form passive damage from 100% to 40%.
Along with nerfs to Renata Glasc's P base damage, Riot has also slightly reduced the support champion's Armor from 27 to 25.

Meanwhile, Ahri gets her E ability cooldown bumped from 12 to 14 seconds, while her R (Spirit Rush) will have an increased cooldown of 140 to 90 seconds. The upcoming update also includes buffs for Braun with a decrease in the bot-lane champ's P target cooldown from to 8-6 seconds to 8-4 seconds at ranks 1, 7 and 13.

Patch 12.9 would also mark the arrival of reworks to Olaf and Taliyah's kit, as Riot's League team nerfs Pyke's effectiveness as a mid-laner, making the champion more viable as a support. Developer 'Phroxzon' also explained Riot's decision to 'hold off' on the burst damage champion changes until the next 'durability focused' patch, 12.10.
Patch 12.9 is slated to hit live servers on Wednesday, May 11.

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