Riot Deploys Swain Hotfix Following Rework in Patch 12.8

Riot Deploys Swain Hotfix Following Rework in Patch 12.8

After releasing a mid-scope update that targeted the Noxian General's kit, Riot Games have now deployed an emergency hotfix for Swain.
The grand vampiric general struggled to make an impact on the meta with a falling win rate, causing Riot to ship a set of buffs to fulfill their idea of making the champ live up to his 'master strategist' fantasy.

After the set of overhauls to his entire ability kit, the Grand General's pick rate jumped to 3.36%, but his win rate continued to fall despite the update. Just 48 hours after releasing his much-awaited 'mid-scope update' on live-servers Riot deployed a set of buffs to his base stats.

Swain receives a boost to his Base Armor and Move speed, with the latter increasing from 325 to 330. Associate Game Designer Tim 'Truexy' Jiang revealed Riot's decision to send more buffs to Swain, admitting that the champ was still 'a bit on the weaker side'

Swain's hotfix should be live across League servers of all regions as of Friday, April 28.

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