Riot Continues To Tune Taliyah's 'Mid-Scope Update' on PBE

Riot Continues To Tune Taliyah's 'Mid-Scope Update' on PBE

After releasing Taliyah's 'mid-scope update' on PBE servers, Riot Games continue to tune the stone weaver with their newest set of adjustments.
Lead Designer on the Rift Riot developer 'August' revealed the series of mana and jungle buffs, building on the earlier adjustments that aimed to give the champion more utility.

Taliyah has been relatively absent in all tiers of play with a drastically low pick rate as her popularity continued to fall over the years. With their latest mid-scope update, Riot plans to reinsert Taliyah into the meta as a favorable mid-lane pick after failing to revive her with a mini-rework back in League's Season 8.

The first PBE update entirely revamped her Q, Threaded Volley, giving the champion back her AOE (Area-of-effect-damage). The nomadic mage of Shurima now possesses better utility as a trade-off for reduced burst damage.
Taliyah would also no longer get knocked off her wall while casting her ultimate and now possesses the ability to dash in any targeted direction.

Taliyah's 'mid-scope update' is expected to release on League live servers with Patch 12.9, scheduled for a May 11 release.

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