Riot Targets Hullbreaker With Nerfs on PBE

Riot Targets Hullbreaker With Nerfs on PBE

After targeting the popular split-push item with a series of nerfs in Patch 12.5, Riot Games have released a new set of tweaks and adjustments that aim to weaken Hullbreaker.
The slew of changes target the items' early to mid-game impact, maintaining its' late-game impact.

In the patch preview released by Lead Game Balance Designer Matt 'Phroxzon' Leung-Harrison, the series of adjustments affect the 'overpowered' item's passive, granting champions attack damage only on turrets, not all structures. Depending on the level, Hullbreaker would now grant 10 to 75 armor to friendly minions instead of the previous 60 to 180. However, the item's base stats remain unchanged.

The changes to Hullbreaker also aim to affect the item's relationship with League's Undead Juggernaut, Sion. Riot has targeted the split pusher's zombie form damage to turrets in the upcoming patch. Sion players would not gain any extra damage from Hullbreaker upon casting his ultimate and would have reduced zombie form damage to structures.

The series of adjustments to Hullbreaker are tentative and are expected to change as Riot gathers player feedback on PBE. The changes to the popular split-push item are expected to release on live servers with Patch 12.9, slated for a May 11 release. League fans can, however, experience the ongoing changes to Hullbreaker on PBE servers.

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