Riot Plans Mid-Scope Update for Support Champion Rell

Riot Plans Mid-Scope Update for Support Champion Rell

After a series of successful reworks for several older champions, Rell is next in line to receive a 'mid-scope' overhaul by Riot's League team that aims to boost her popularity in all tiers of play.
Released in late 2020, Rell has never been a part of League's competitive meta, missing from both professional and casual play.

Source: Ryscu

Riot Developer Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles revealed the upcoming mid-scope update for the Iron Maiden, admitting that the League's team 'missed the mark' with her original design.
The rework aims to 'separate her from Leona' in an attempt to establish her own unique identity. The tanky support possesses a pick-rate of 1.35%, according to stat-tracker Lolalytics.

'As we started to balance the champ much later in development, we found that her speed in her horse form would cause her optimal play to constantly leave her lane partner behind and roam the whole game'. 'Reav3' added. The nerfs released by Riot in Patch 11.7 to counter the champ's 'unhealthy' roaming play pattern made her disappear from the meta entirely.

Riot’s League team hasn't started development on Rell's rework, but League fans can expect more information in the coming days as development on the Iron Maiden's mid-scope update takes flight.

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