Riot Deploys Experimental Pyke Changes on PBE

Riot Deploys Experimental Pyke Changes on PBE

Riot Games have revealed the latest set of changes to Pyke on PBE servers, giving the champion infinite damage scaling on his ultimate.

The 'experimental' buffs to Pyke have been followed with changes to the harpooner's passive.

Riot developer 'Captaingameplay' revealed the changes to the Bloodharbor's ultimate, removing the maximum execute threshold of 550 health on his ultimate, Death from Above. 

On top of the changes deployed to the champ's ultimate, Riot has also entirely revamped Pyke's passive, granting Pykers a late-game advantage. His new passive, The Gift, combined with infinite threshold scaling on his ultimate would help players execute enemies with ease. 

Riot didn't reveal much about their end-goal with the champion, but the new changes visibly shift his identity from a mid-laner to a support champion. The newest set of changes will increase Pyke's win-rate as a support, which stands at 50.55%.

The changes to League's demonic spearfisher are tentative as Riot continues to monitor them and gather player feedback on PBE. League fans can experience the changes to Pyke on PBE servers.

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