Leakers Reveal Upcoming Void Jungler, Bel'veth

Leakers Reveal Upcoming Void Jungler, Bel'veth

Right after Riot's League team teased the arrival of three new champions to the Rift, a gameplay video showcasing the upcoming void jungler Bel'veth, has leaked.
Earlier teased in the Season 2022 Cinematic, Riot Games have been dropping potential teasers about the upcoming jungler, with their latest being an official confirmation through a blog post.

The potential leak gives fans a first look at the champion that looks similar to a manta ray, having two forms. In her first form, the royal empress possesses a humanoid head, while having the ability to transform into a monster with purple wings in her second form. The champion dons her cloak-like wings that aim to conceal her true identity, with gold accents on the side.

Emerging from the Void, homeland of champions Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai and Kai'Sa, League's newest empress aims to satisfy League fans who have waited for a new humanoid hybrid-monster champion. Upon casting her ultimate, Endless Banquet, Bel'veth transforms into a monster, spreading her manta ray-esque wings, abandoning her humanoid state.

Bel’veth Ability kit revealed

Several leakers have also revealed the names of each of the champion's abilities that match the official description and the leaked visuals. As confirmed by Riot's League team, one of her abilities will "crash like waves against the enemy's defense structures."

  • Passive - Death in Lavender
  • Q - Void Surge
  • W - Above and Below
  • E - Royal Maelstorm
  • R (Ultimate) - Endless Banquet

When will Bel'veth release on live servers?

Besides revealing cryptic information regarding the empress' origins, there is still no official word from Riot regarding her arrival to the Rift. However, with the recent League lore that teased the arrival of a new Void skirmisher, we expect the empress to be released sometime between 2022.

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