Rengar Rework Detailed in Preview for League's Patch 12.6

Rengar Rework Detailed in Preview for League's Patch 12.6

After a long wait for the next patch, League fans will be able to experience the Jungler’s reworked state as the current patch, 12.5, was live on servers for two patch cycles instead of one, owing to Riot’s short break from development in late March.

Alongside a mini-rework for Rengar, Patch 12.6 also brings nerfs for champs Hecarim and Tryndamere, with some buffs to Azir.

Designer on the Summoner's Rift team, Riot 'Phlox' gave eager League fans a preview of the changes highlighted game's upcoming patch, detailing an extensive rework for the Pridestalker, Rengar.
After receiving countless balance adjustments for months, Riot's League team has finally found the 'middle ground' for Rengar that aims to put the jungler in a healthier spot where players could also enjoy playing the champion, fixing on current 'broken' state.

Tryndamere receives a reduction in his E cooldown, as Riot aims to reduce his power and shift him to a more balanced spot in the current meta. Besides nerfs for Tryndamere, the upcoming patch will also feature multiple Lifesteal changes.

Players can experience the changes highlighted in the patch preview on PBE right now. Patch 12.6 arrives on live servers on Wednesday, March 30.

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