Riot Disables Bard From League of Legends

Riot Disables Bard From League of Legends

Riot's League team has temporarily disabled Bard, citing a game-breaking bug that crashed the game for all players upon using Bard's E ability.
Upon selecting Bard in the champ selection, users receive a pop-up that explains Riot's decision to disable the champ due to 'in-game issues'.

If a player uses Bard’s E ability and enters into a portal created by Anivia or Trundle, the game crashes for all players. After a Reddit user discovered the bug that caused the game to crash for all players, some League players were able to recreate the exploit, causing Riot to disable Bard from all modes of play.

The champion now stands disabled from all game modes, including Ranked and ARAM. Bard has been the subject of many bugs in the past, but nothing as significant as the recent one.

Riot detailed that it is 'currently working on a resolution,' but it is unclear when we can expect the Wandering Caretaker to be available on live servers again.

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