Riot Hits Zeri With More Nerfs in Patch 12.7

Riot Hits Zeri With More Nerfs in Patch 12.7

After releasing a full patch preview for League’s next patch, 12.7, Riot developer August highlighted the upcoming nerfs for Zeri, targeting her Bruiser build in higher tiers of professional play.

Hit by countless nerfs since her release, Riot has reworked Zeri’s identity for the third time, targeting her Crit, base stats, increasing the cooldown of her abilities.

The nerfs target her base stats, but the HP gets increased from 90 to 95 to make the Spark of Zaun withstand some early game damage. On the other hand, the base damage of her W ability gets nerfed at all ranks, but with increased scaling.

Riot also increased the cooldown of her E ability, Spark Surge, changing it from 23 seconds at all ranks to 28 seconds at max rank, and 22 seconds at rank one.

However, League fans are afraid that the upcoming set of nerfs might render the Spark of Zaun powerless, lowering her win rate even further, making the champ less fun to play in casual games. Players can experience the newest set of changes to Zeri on PBE, with the full patch release scheduled for Wednesday, April 13. 

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