Riot Releases Zeri Hotfix After 'Overdoing' Nerfs

Riot Releases Zeri Hotfix After 'Overdoing' Nerfs

After hitting Zeri and a list of ADC meta-carries with nerfs in League's patch 12.7, Riot has deployed a hotfix for Zeri after 'overshooting' the AD tactician with nerfs 'quite a bit.'

Lead Designer on the Rift, Riot developer 'August' revealed the incoming buffs to Zeri’s base stats and crit changes that aim to put the Spark of Zaun in a more balanced state.

The buffs that target her base stats increase her HP from 500 to 53. Q, R stacks, and E ability refresh on crit get bumped up from 2 to 3, while her W slow duration gets fixed to 2. Also, a decreased E Cooldown might help the champion sustain her mid-lane impact.

The overwhelming nerfs by Riot caused the champion’s win rate to plummet down to 42.88%, the lowest ever for an AD champion. After reworking her identity with many adjustments since her release, we hope Riot finally decides their end goal with the champion that would put her in a balanced spot.

Zeri-mains can now rejoice as the series of buffs for the Spark of Zaun are now live across League servers throughout all regions. However, it remains to be seen if the champ would still remain a viable ADC pick in both casual and pro-play, as players gear up for the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational at the start of May.

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