Riot Ships Olaf Rework on PBE

Riot Ships Olaf Rework on PBE

After successfully inserting Rengar back into the meta with a mini-rework, Riot has targeted Olaf with a slew of adjustments that aim to increase the champion's popularity across all tiers of play.

Through a Reddit post, Riot developer Brian 'Axes' Salvatore revealed the incoming balance changes for the Berseker that aim to add "significant excitement to his kit." With the latest series of adjustments, Riot looks to tackle ''a number of urgent issues", with an intent to increase the champion's struggling pick rate.

The champ's reworked axe-throwing Passive ability will now grant players 12 to 35% life steal from levels 1 to 18, based on his missing health. The effectiveness of his passive will increase once at or below 30% health. On the other hand, his W (Vicious Strikes) receives a full rework, as Riot takes the rework even further with plans to change the name of the ability.

Players can now experience the newest set of adjustments to the champion on PBE, with the live server release expected to drop with Patch 12.9. However, League fans should note that the current changes to the axe-wielding assassin aren't final, and might change subject to the feedback gathered on PBE servers. 

The complete list of reworks can be viewed by clicking on Riot’s Reddit post here.

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