Early Preview for TFT’s Patch 11.24 Reveals Chemtech Reworks

Early Preview for TFT’s Patch 11.24 Reveals Chemtech Reworks

Riot Games have released a preview of the changes coming to TFT's next patch, 11.24, revealing buffs for four cost champs Seraphine, and Fiora while buffing many of the Trait Augments and more.

Carry units Lisandra, Fiora, and Seraphine will receive buffs to tackle their underuse and to 'increase diversity' amongst carries.

Chemtech Trait receives Complete rework

To boost the popularity of the Chemtech trait and to tackle its underutilization other than its use with Urgot, Riot has reworked the trait in its entirety, regenerating player health for 8 seconds.

Trait reworked: Dropping below 75% Health, Chemtech champions become chem-powered, gaining Attack Speed, 25% damage reduction, regenerating a percentage of their maximum Health each second for eight seconds.

  • 25% Attack Speed, 3% Health at 3 Chemtech
  • 50% Attack Speed, 4% Health at 5 Chemtech
  • 75% Attack Speed, 6% Health at 7 Chemtech
  • 100% Attack Speed, 10% Health at 9 Chemtech

These changes will be tested out by a PBE deploy, with the final patch being scheduled for a December 8 release.
TFT fans looking to try out these changes can experience them on PBE from Thursday at 1 PM PST.

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