Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.7 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.7 Highlights

To ensure a diverse competitive meta ahead of Worlds 2022, Riot Games have deployed a slew of buffs for weaker traits and Augments. After making a majority of balance changes through patches 12.6 and 12.6b, Riot’s TFT team looks to improve on the existing off-meta Augments and champions with their latest patch.

Source: Riot Games

To tone down Twinshot's versatility with several carries, Riot has targeted the trait with nerfs, reducing its attack damage from 10/25/45/80 to 10/25/40/70. Meanwhile, Augments Hextech Unity and Hextech Crest get removed from the current set as Riot's TFT team raises the tier of Hextech Heart from Silver to Gold.

On the other hand, Ashe, Seraphine, and Zeri receive slight adjustments and buffs as Riot hopes to bring them back into the spotlight as carries. Two-cost champ Ashe gets his Volley Attack Damage ratio bumped from 100% to 110%, while Zeri receives a slight attack speed buff from 0.8 to 0.9.

Along with slew of other bug fixes, Riot’s TFT team has also fixed the issue that reduced some Augments appearance rates on Stages 1-4. Players can read the full patch notes article here.

Patch 12.7 is slated to hit live servers on Wednesday, April 13.

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