Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.4 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.4 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics’ massive new mid-set update brings 20 new champions, introducing Arcane’s Silco, an original character from the Netflix TV series, as a playable champion in the game with his own unique set of abilities.

Renata Glasc, Silco, and Alistair are among the list of 5 entirely new champions set to make their debut in Patch 12.4, ‘Neon Nights’. With Augment changes and new traits, the latest update gives TFT fans endless new ways to experience the autobattler.

Source: Mortdog - Teamfight Tactics

In Set 6.5, Riot's TFT team has turned Galio into a full-fledged carry making changes to his Colossal Entrance Damage. Galio will now receive an additional 5% of his maximum health as damage with a prolonged stun duration.

Jinx's sister Vi gets a brand new spell called Piltover Pulverizer and is now a heavy-duty 4 cost champion. Now a rival enforcer bruiser, these new changes cause her a health nerf that reduces the champion's health from 1000 to 900.

Stealth Item Guardian Angel gets swapped with Edge of Night, a new anti-burst item enabling units to protect their carries more efficiently. The recipe for this item is using a B.F. Sword and a Chain Vest. A unique item, Edge of night can only be equipped once and is restricted to one per unit.

Here are the stats for the brand new item that aims to combine stealth with power:

  • +20 Armor, +10 Attack Damage
  • When the holder first drops below 50% Health, they enter stealth very briefly, becoming untargetable and shed negative effects. Once out of stealth, the holder gains 40% bonus attack speed.

TFT’s mid-set expansion update also brings several user experience changes while kick-starting the Ranked season along with a wide list of new Augments and multiple traits. Scheduled for a February 16th release, Neon Nights aims to fulfill Riot's promise to start a new era in the world of Teamfight Tactics.

Fans of Riot’s autobattler can view the full patch notes article by clicking here.

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