Teamfight Tactics’ 12.4 B-Patch Nerfs 9 Champions

Teamfight Tactics’ 12.4 B-Patch Nerfs 9 Champions

The balance patch for TFT's mid-set update 'Neon Nights', Patch 12.4 details nerfs for 9 of its champions, including nerfs to Ekko, Silco, and Renata, while adjusting on its Hextech and Innovator traits.
The early micro patch aims to balance the Neon Nights meta by adjusting on a list of dominating champs, stopping players from using the overpowered builds that have risen to prominence within the meta.

TFT Design lead 'Stephen' 'Mortdog' announced the slew of adjustments coming to Teamfight Tactics through his Twitter handle, as usual, readying fans for the micro patch that will include balance changes for newly introduced champions, and two traits.

Newly debuted carry unit Renata receives a spell damage nerf, reducing her current spell damage from 55/85/255 to 45/70/240. Another new support unit, Silco, Zaun's evil mastermind from Arcane, receives a reduction in his spell duration with also a nerf to his Spell bonus attack speed. The nerf-heavy update also weakens 2 cost champs Rek'sai and Sejuani, by including significant nerfs to their HP and AD. 

Hextech and Innovator Traits also nerfed


  • Shield nerfed from 140/180/400/600 to 100/150/300/600
  •  Magic damage reduced from 20/50/100/170 to 15/30/60/120


  • Mechanical Bear spell self bonus AD percent reduced from 100 to 70 percent


  • Golden Gifts: Golden Gifts (one) gray Orbs increased from one to two
  • Golden Gifts: Golden Gifts (two) gray Orbs increased from two to three.

Riot 'Mortdog' also explained that Riot wasn't able to incorporate all the necessary balance changes in the micro patch alone, and TFT fans should prepare for many more adjustments in upcoming patches, as the developers intend to move the new Neon Nights meta to a 'healthier' state. 12.4b is scheduled to release on live servers on Wednesday, February 23rd.

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