When is Teamfight Tactics Set 7 Releasing?

When is Teamfight Tactics Set 7 Releasing?

Instead of building upon the mechanics of its previous set, TFT’s set 7 Dragonlands wipes the slate clean by introducing a new core mechanic entirely, unlike Set 6.5.

We're looking at everything revealed about TFT's upcoming set, as the current set, 6.5, is expected to end soon.

Dragons are an integral part of the set's core mechanic, as every board requires a dragon unit to sustain a comp. While not every dragon or realm has been revealed yet, TFT's upcoming set is confirmed to have a total of 7 dragons. Each dragon would possess their own unique trait, taking up 2 spots on the battlefield. A single dragon would cost 10 gold in the shop.

Source: Riot Games

Source: Riot Games

Hextech Augments to return

Through the dev drop video released by Riot's TFT team, Game Designer Matthew 'Wittrock' revealed the return of Hextech Augments, but instead of a hexcore, players would have dragon shrines to keep track of the augments.

Riot has also revealed the names and features of five augments in the game's upcoming set.

  • Bloodlust: Permanently gives units two attack damage for every unit killed.
  • Think Fast: Free shop refreshes until the end of the round.
  • Eternal Protection: Upon the death of a champion, the nearest Jade Statue dies instead, transferring 200 percent of its maximum health to the champion. Players gain an Ashe.
  • Eye of the Storm: The unit at the center of the board gains two mana per second and 20 ability power, multiplied by three after lightning strikes. Players gain a Lee Sin.
  • Sacrificial Pact: Buying XP to cost three health instead of gold. 

When will TFT Set 7 release?

Dragonlands is scheduled to hit PBE servers on May 23, two weeks before its live server release with Patch 12.11 on June 8.

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