Talon and Cho’Gath Nerfed in TFT 12.2 B-Patch

Talon and Cho’Gath Nerfed in TFT 12.2 B-Patch

After Patch 12.2 introduced the arrival of 'Gifts of Golden Lantern' event along with a slew of balance changes, Riot announced a B patch ensuring a stable meta for players by including adjustments to champions, augments, traits, and some of its items.

Talon, Cho’Gath, and Imperial Swan are the three champions on Riot’s nerf list with the Balance patch for Teamfight Tactics update 12.2.

After receiving a slew of buffs in 12.2, Cho’Gath reappears on Riot’s nerf list as the fan-favorite tank receives a slight Attack Speed nerf, with Armor and MR reduced from 55 to 50. Champs Swain and Talon receive consistent spell damage nerfs that reduce their Spell Damage from 250/375/525 to 250/340/480 and 450/625/950 to 425/600/900 respectively.

Portable Augments receive multiple adjustments

Portable Forge Augment Infinity Force gets all stats reduced from 33 to 30. Death’s Defiance gets the Armor reduced from 40 to 20, attack damage decreased from 25 to 20, while attack speed nerfed from 25 % to 20 %. Alternatively, Gold Collector also gets an Attack Damage nerf reducing the damage from 30 to 20.

Rapidfire Cannon’ receives a slight attack speed nerf that reduces the attack-range increasing weapon’s speed from 60% to 55%, adjusting on the changes granted in Patch 12.1.

The Balance patch for 12.2 is scheduled to hit servers Tuesday, January 24th at 2 PM Central, as fans eagerly await the gigantic mid-set expansion update set to introduce Arcane’s Silco to the game, and 20 new champions at the start of February.

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