Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.19 highlights

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.19 highlights

In Patch 11.19, Riot are focusing their attention on buffing previously underused comps to widen the range of viable strategies and ways to play. In anticipation of the Worlds 2021 being less than 2 weeks away, the update will also include balancing to take into account Pro plays.

Source: Riot Games

Major changes focused on balancing champions

Among some of the more noticeable adjustments with Patch 11.19, Tristana and Draven have been reworked with two different goals in mind.

Thanks to her ability to wipe out an enemy carry, Tristana has been reworked to make her less overpowered and uncounterable overall.

On the other hand, Draven needed to be more viable in general, and now ignores half of his target’s Armor with his passive while getting an increase in AD scaling. At the same time, his damage output has been reduced slightly to make up for his new damage multiplicity.

Buffed items and Traits

As Spear of Hirana has been kind of disappointing in recent patches, it is getting a Radiant Bonus for 20 Ability Power to help out comps with AP carries.

Zz’Rot also gets an increased taunt range to units moving in the placed area, while also getting the ability to taunt Assassins attacking from their current positions.

For Traits, Riot have been more or less constrained with their changes, only buffing Skirmisher to help its effectiveness in the mid-game with an increase to max health scaling at level 6.

You can read the full Patch notes here.

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