Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.23 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.23 Highlights

The massive balance update for TFT's Sixth set Gizmos and Gadgets brings buffs and nerfs for Tier 5 and 3 champs Galio and Samira while incorporating balance changes for many of its Augments and traits.

Patch 11.23 focuses on balancing the current meta after bringing adjustments and changes for the game's traits after the release of Set 6.

Source: Riot Games

Source: Riot Games

Champion Adjustments, Buffs and Nerfs


  • Gangplank Health: 800 reduced to 750
  • Gangplank Armor and Magic Resist: 45 decreased to 40
  • Gangplank Attack Damage: 80 reduced to 75
  • Gangplank Parrrley Base Damage: 125/150/200 reduced to 110/135/170

Miss Fortune

  • Miss Fortune Attack Speed: 0.75 reduced to 0.7
  • Miss Fortune Make It Rain Damage: 300/400/600 reduced to 275/375/550


  • Samira Attack Damage: 85 reduced to 80
  • Samira Flair ranged cast time slightly reduced ranged
  • Samira Flair Attack Damage scaling: 175/180/190% ⇒ 165/170/180%
  • Samira Flair Amor shred: 10/20/40 reduced to 10/15/20


  • Attack Damage: 75 reduced to 70
  • Purge Attack Damage scaling: 30% reduced to 25%


  • Galio starting Mana buff: 180/300 buffed to 200/300
  • Galio Colossal Entrance damage: 125/250/2000 increased to 150/250/2000

Augment Changes

  • Ardent Censer (Enchanter) Tier: Gold changed to Silver
  • Lifelong Learning (Scholar) Tier: Gold changed Silver
  • Lifelong Learning (Scholar) can no longer be offered on the 3rd Augment choice
  • Runic Shield (Arcanist) Shield Duration: Infinite reduced to 8 seconds
  • Runic Shield (Arcanist) Shield scaling (Silver/Gold/Prismatic): 250/375/500% increased to 300/450/600% AP
  • Share the Spotlight (Socialite)Shared Bonus: 75% reduced to 100%
  • Titanic Force Health Threshold: 1300 increased to 1400
  • Titanic Force max percent Health as bonus AD: 4% reduced to 3%
  • Woodland Charm Tier: Gold changed to Prismatic
  • Woodland Charm Copy Health: 1200 increased to 1500
  • Underdogs Health regeneration per second: 10% increased to12% missing Health
  • Underdogs Health regeneration per second limit cap: Uncapped to 200 Health per second
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Death’s Dance Armor: 25 increased to 50
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Muramana Mana over 4 seconds: 100 changed to 200
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Obsidian Cleaver Armor/MR Pen: 40% changed to 70%
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Randuin’s Omen Shared Armor & MR: 40 increased to 50
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Rocket Propelled Fist Health: 200 increased to 750
  • Portable Forge Armory option, Rocket Propelled Fist Mana: 15 increased to 30
  • Training Dummy Health: 600 reduced to 500


  • Academy Starting Attack Damage and Ability Power: 20/40/60/80 reduced to 18/35/50/70
  • Academy Ability Power and Attack Damage Per Cast: 3/5/10/15 reduced to 3/5/8/12
  • Bodyguard NEW: Bodyguards now gain a shield shortly after combat begins when they trigger their taunt
  • Bodyguard Shield Amount is now: 100/300/600/1000
  • Colossus (2) Damage Reduction: 25% increased to 30%
  • Enforcers will no longer detain units that are immune to crowd control effects. When selecting which units to detain, Enforcers will skip over units immune to crowd control.
  • Enforcer: Zephyr will now take priority over Enforcer. When selecting the units to detain, Enforcers will skip over units cycloned by Zephyr
  • Imperial team Bonus Damage: 0/40% increased to 0/50%
  • Innovator, Innovation Base Health: 650/1100/1900 reduced to 475/750/1250
  • Innovator, Innovation Base Attack Damage: 50/75/100 ⇒ 40/50/65
  • Innovator, Innovation Star Level Modifier: 15% increased to 25%
  • Innovator, Innovation, Hextech Dragon is now immune to crowd control
  • Innovator, Innovation and Hextech Dragon Attack Range: 4 Hexes reduced to 2 Hexes
  • Innovator, Innovation, Hextech Dragon Range of Electrifying Roar : 3 to 5 Hexes
  • Innovator, Innovation, Hextech Dragon Electrifying Roar Fear Duration: 4 reduced to 3
  • Innovator, Innovation, Hextech Dragon 3rd attack Magic Damage: 750 reduced to 500
  • Innovator, Innovation, Hextech Dragon Electrifying Roar now increases ally size for the duration of the buff.
  • Mercenary: Lowered the total power of the trait by slightly reducing the value of various dice rolls across the board.
  • Mutant Hyper-Adrenal Glands renamed to Hyper Adrenaline
  • Mutant Cybernetic Enhancement bonus Health: 400/800 increased to 450/900
  • Mutant Voracious Appetite AD and AP: 30/50 reduced to 25/40
  • Mutant Metamorphosis AD and AP Per Stack: 10/20 reduced to 5/10
  • Sniper NEW: Snipers gain +1 Attack Range. Units equipped with the Sniper Emblem will also benefit from this bonus
  • Sniper units (Jhin, Caitlyn, Tristana, Miss Fortune, Kog’Maw) get their range reduced by 1 to compensate for the 1 extra range granted by the trait now.

Riot’s TFT team also has something in store for fans of the Yordles comp in their newest lab, Hyper Roll, as the game will now grant Yordles after each player combat. Yordles also now possesses a chance to give out a SECOND Yordle after every player combat. This chance increases with each stage.

You can dive deep into reading about the rest of the bug fixes, small changes and New Hextech arrangements by clicking here.

TFT’s patch 11.23 is scheduled to hit live servers on Wednesday, November 17.

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