TFT’s 11.24 Balance Patch Nerfs Galio And Akali

TFT’s 11.24 Balance Patch Nerfs Galio And Akali

The massive pre-holiday B patch for Teamfight Tactics’ sixth set reveals a variety of buffs, nerfs, and adjustments for a list of its champions, traits, and items, including buffs for Chemtech while nerfing some of the game’s 4 cost champions, Galio and Akali.

Archangel’s Staff receives a minor stack interval nerf, increasing the interval from 4 seconds to 5, while Bramble Vest gets a slight nerf with the total armor reduced from 80 to 70. Samira receives a minor buff with her spell AD% increased from 160/170/180 to 180/190/200%

Galio gets his Health reduced from 1900 to 1800, with a nerf that decreases his AD from 110 to 120.
Another 5 cost champ, Akali, receives multiple nerfs with a Spell Execute threshold nerf reducing the Threshold from 20/25/90% to 15/20/90%, along with another nerf that decreases the spell damage from 300/375/200 to 275/375/2000.

The Balance patch hits live servers on Tuesday, December 14, ensuring an enjoyable and balanced experience for TFT fans before the winter holiday break.

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