TFT's 11.23 Balance patch includes nerfs for Katarina

TFT's 11.23 Balance patch includes nerfs for Katarina

The micropatch for Teamfight Tactics' sixth set includes adjustments for Sion while nerfing Katarina, pushing for a more balanced meta ahead of Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the US.

The mid-patch hotfix also includes nerfs for Colossus and Mutant variations of traits, with Colossus receiving a nerf that reduces the trait damage from 30% to 25%.

Katarina and Sion receive nerfs and Adjustments

After the buffs in the initial Patch 11.23 release caused players to exploit a Sion comp that caused him to deal 'unbelievably high amounts of damage, Riot has released a set of nerfs and adjustments that puts the two champs, Katarina and Sion, back to a 'healthy spot'.


  •  Health: 1500 increased to 1750
  •  Attack Damage: 130 decreased to 100
  •  Armor & Magic Resist: 50 increased to 60
  •  Decimating Smash Damage: 300/360/750 reduced to 150/200/500
  • Decimating Smash Knock Up Duration: 1/1.5/4 increased to 2/2.5/5


  • Shunpo Damage reduced from 190/240/320 to 180/225/300
  • Shunpo Mana Refund on kill reduced from 20/20/40 to 20/20/20

The developers have also addressed various bugs with their newest game mode, Double Up, but players will have to wait for a fix until the game's next patch, 11.24.
Players can expect the B-patch to go live today, Nov 19, at 3 pm PT.

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