Agent Guide: Jett

Agent Guide: Jett

Jett is Valorant's most mechanically demanding agent, but her high skill ceiling makes her more than viable at the highest level. Because of her unique style and kit, she can hold angles that others can't, making her one of the best defenders in the game.

Feared in the hands of any good player, Jett is a mobile agent capable of wiping out almost any squad in Valorant. In this guide, we'll show you how to get the hang of everyone's favorite knife-wielding ninja.

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Jett: Abilities Overview

With a very mobile kit, mastering how and when to use each ability goes a long way in becoming a great Jett player. Here is an overview of Jett's abilities and what you need to know to help you take advantage of her kit.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

Ability: Tailwind

Instantly propel in the direction she is moving. Jett will propel forward if she is standing still when the ability activates.

Jett's rush ability is a low cooldown ability that can be used to quickly dart between cover or into any dawdling player who isn't well prepared on site. Tailwind allows Jett to escape from any utility that's dumped her way and also avoid difficult situations.

This ability is simple to use, but it has a great synergy with Cloudburst. It allows players to quickly and easily plant without having to take control of the site.

Tips on Tailwind

  • You can't move up and down with Tailwind alone. It's also useful to use it as a tool to escape bad encounters.
  • Learn to combine Tailwind with a single jump, at the start or during the boost. This will make you a less predictable target.
  • Try to have an understanding of the enemy positions before using Tailwind. Using the ability recklessly can also land you in difficult situations.
  • It's also worth noting that in some cases, a dash is not that great of an idea as there is a slight delay after dashing where you cannot shoot.

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Ability: Updraft

Instantly propel Jett high into the air. Jett can also hold 2 Updrafts. These charges cost 100c each and allow her to jump high in the air. She can also float by holding the space key. Updrafts can be combined for an even higher jump to take advantage of certain situations.

Best Map Locations to use Updraft in.

  • Ideally, Updraft should be used on A in Haven. You can easily reach all the boxes in the Haven bombsites to get a better vantage point. Ensure you constantly adjust your positioning based on the information you get from your teammates. This will go a long way in helping you to ascertain your opponent's route of attack.
  • With Bind's B spot, you can use Updraft to remove enemies from there by tactically floating long enough and making use of your ultimate. On Ascent, you can also watch over A spot with Updraft.

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Tips for Updraft

  • Jett's Updraft ability allows players to stay in the air for a long time. Take advantage of that
  • Similar to Tailwind, it has a delay of around a second after the animation has finished before you can make use of your weapon.
  • In the air, you're prone to incredibly inaccurate shots. This is why you'll want to use a high-caliber weapon if you're going to shoot accurately.
  • Updraft and Tailwind can be used together. Learn to combine both for insane mobility.

Ability: Cloudburst

Jett throws a projectile that expands and briefly clouds the vision of players when it makes contact with a surface. Jett can hold up to 3 charges of smoke, and they last for 4 seconds. Most Valorant players don't know that they can also be curved by holding the Cloudburst button.

Tips for Cloudburst

  • Remember that they can be seen on the minimap when they land. This helps you to know exactly where it landed if you curved it hard enough.
  • You can play mind games by using the smoke at varying distances, causing enemies to think that you're in a different spot. You can also smoke mid areas on Haven by intentionally setting yourself up in specific locations.
  • Cloudburst can be very effective when used while retaking C on Haven. You want to place it on C long before moving into the left corner for Updraft. This allows you to take out enemy agents on the other side quickly.
  • While using the ability, you cannot make use of weapons. Make sure to observe your surroundings before doing using Cloudburst.

Ultimate: Blade Storm

Jett equips a set of throwing knives. These knives are accurate and can recharge on successful kills. The ability has six charges. You can press it once to throw only a single knife. You can also use Alt-Fire to immediately throw every remaining knife in a direction. 

Utilizing her other abilities, Jett's ultimate can deal an insane amount of damage from unexpected angles. A hit to the body will deal 50 damage, and a headshot will deal 150 damage. A great spot for doing this is looking over buildings in Haven's A.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

Tips for Blade Storm

  • You have to wait for 1.5 seconds before throwing the knives. It's a good idea to pop ult when you're not fighting, as it will prevent you from being open to hits while in a fight.
  • Most people don't realize that your ultimate's precision can be full even when floating with the Updraft. Use this to your advantage to pick our enemy agents.
  • On paper, Blade Storm is not as accurate as most guns, but it is still a very precise ability. It's one great advantage is that it does not suffer from movement inaccuracy or recoil. Ensure to combine it with other abilities as mobility will not affect your accuracy.
  • Blade Storm is a good option for eco rounds, as it has a total of five knives to throw. These knives can also be replenished when you earn a kill.
  • While Blade Storm is active, right-clicking will throw all remaining knives in a scattershot manner. This makes it a close-range shotgun that can be used in close quarters.
  • Blade Storm is not on a timer like other ultimate abilities. Instead, it's like using a gun and lets you take your time while it's active.

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Wrapping up.  

Jett can hold aggressive corners due to her high mobility. Combined with a shotgun, Jett can be very effective. Her tight angle on defense allows her to one-shot anyone that passes. If there are more enemies, she can execute insane plays like Updrafting above them or just dashing away.

Jett is an initiator with a unique strength that can start and end fights quickly. Her lack of utility is her major drawback. Knowing this, make sure to know when and how to pick a fight. She is still fragile and can be overrun. So make sure to pick battles that will be won and rely on your teammates to take care of other situations.

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