Sova To Receive Nerfs in Valorant's Patch 4.08

Sova To Receive Nerfs in Valorant's Patch 4.08

Right after reworking Jett's Tailwind, Riot's Valorant team has targeted Sova with a list of nerfs in the upcoming Valorant patch.
The slew of nerfs to Sova were revealed by Valorant competitive players who had early access to the upcoming update that included the upcoming initiator Fade.

Sova is the next agent to be hit by nerfs after Jett, also a popular pick in competitive and casual play. Riot has reduced the damage of the initiator's explosive arrow, Shock Dart from 90 to 75. On the other hand, Sova's Owl drone also gets hit with a slight nerf, lasting 8 seconds instead of 9. The drone would now also scan enemies 2 times instead of 3.

It, however, remains to be seen how the newest changes to Sova's kit will impact the meta, given the arrival of Fade, another agent possessing information gathering abilities.
The set of nerfs to Sova's kit is expected to ship with Patch 4.08, scheduled for an April 27 release.

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