New Footage Reveals an Extended Look at Valorant's Mobile Port

New Footage Reveals an Extended Look at Valorant's Mobile Port

New gameplay footage from Valorant mobile's closed beta play-test has given fans an extended glimpse of its upcoming PC counterpart.
In the 13-minute gameplay video uploaded by ExxotikGaming, fiery U.K Duelist Phoenix can be seen using his abilities, roaming around the map in a Spike defuse match.

Source: ExxotikGaming

A single Spike Defuse match would be Best of 13, unlike its PC counterpart that has a 25-round game. Riot aims to keep the play sessions comparatively shorter as Valorant moves to smaller screens. However, the UI and mechanics are subject to change upon release as Riot continues to monitor player feedback from its closed beta test.
Reliable Leaker Valorleaks also revealed that there would be a future beta where Riot could start doing an invite system, inviting specific fans to test out the beta version before its final public release.

When will Riot release Valorant Mobile?

There is no official word from Riot regarding the port's release date, but we expect them to make the game available on mobile platforms by the end of 2022.
However, in the coming months, more players should be able to get their hands on Valorant's handheld version as Riot starts conducting beta tests in more regions.

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