Valorant Patch 4.07 Highlights

Valorant Patch 4.07 Highlights

The newest Valorant patch brings a new set of servers for Latin America while adding input firing updates to weapons Bulldog and Stinger.
With no significant Agent or Weapon updates, Patch 4.07 improves on fine-tuning the game's current state, with more servers to reduce latency for LATAM players.

To prevent players from receiving burst mode accuracy improvements before raising their weapon, Riot has deployed delayed firing inputs to Bulldog and Stinger.
Players would still be able to fire immediately after returning to hip fire/full auto mode.

Ability-based weapons such as Jett's ultimate can now be 'input queued to equip after their current action.' The input-queue equip also supports Chamber's guns and ultimate abilities for Neon and Jett. Light on agent updates, the newest patch has also added several interactables for players to experience in Shooting Range.

With Bounty-hunter’s release around the corner, the interactive screens at Cypher’s office are speculated to reveal new information about the game’s mysterious next agent. Valorant fans can read about the rest of the competitive bug fixes by clicking on the full patch notes article here.

Patch 4.07 is slated to release on Tuesday, April 13.

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