Jett To Receive Tailwind Nerfs in Valorant's Patch 4.08

Jett To Receive Tailwind Nerfs in Valorant's Patch 4.08

With their upcoming patch, Riot's Valorant team has announced a slew of balance adjustments to Jett's Tailwind dash in an effort to maintain the game's integrity and tactical cycle.
According to Riot, Jett's dash allowed her to escape from any situation, thus giving the knife-wielding Duelist an edge over other agents.

Instead of being able to dash after activating Tailwind immediately, players would now have to wait 1 second before being able to activate Jett's dash. Also, Riot has inserted a 12-second window where players would have to activate the ability within that window before it expires. However, players would still be able to regain the Tailwind dash upon scoring 2 kills in a round.

Riot explained that adding a 12-second window would add an element of decision-making to her Tailwind dash, thus stopping Jett players from playing outside the game's 'core tactical cycle'.

Instead of removing the agent's popular ability entirely, Riot emphasized their goal to allow Jett to have her power moments, but also be more viable for counterplay. The newest set of balance changes aim to fulfill Riot’s intent to preserve Jett’s identity on the agent roster while giving other agents ‘a bit of breathing room’

The nerfs that significantly diminish her impact as an entry-fragger will be monitored for feedback upon release. The balance adjustments for Jett will arrive on live servers with Patch 4.08, scheduled for an April 27 release.

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