Riot Introduces Fade, Valorant's 19th Agent

Riot Introduces Fade, Valorant's 19th Agent

After a slew of unofficial leaks that gave Valorant fans a look at the Agent's kit and class, Riot Games has finally lifted the veil on the mysterious new Initiator, Fade.

With an agent cinematic and ability showcase scheduled for a later date, Riot's Valorant team gave fans a first look at the 19th playable Agent by revealing an official image on their socials.

With localized initiation and recon tools, 'Fade is the last person you'll want to find in the dark. But players would like to follow where this trail leads, as Riot revealed a slew of teasers where several agents appear in distress surrounded by the initiator's dark magic.

Previously, an early beta-testing screenshot and an introductory text describing the upcoming initiator had been leaked by data miners. However, eager Valorant fans can now rejoice as the Agent's full reveal is close by, with her release date right around the corner.

Valorant fans will get a complete look at the Agent's cinematic trailer and gameplay showcase by watching the VCT Masters Reykjavík Grand Final live stream scheduled for April 24.
Like most of their agents, Riot is likely to release their newest initiator at the start of Act 3. Episode 4's current act, Act 2, is slated to wrap on April 27.

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