Valorant To Add Cascading Agent Selection

Valorant To Add Cascading Agent Selection

Instalocking has always been a problem long before Valorant became popular. People are always rushing for that one agent every streamer is using to win, and that causes problems and leaves players unsatisfied, dodging queues or throwing games.

Players might pick a sought agent without thinking it through and giving other players a chance, and this may cause games to be lost from agent selection as the team may become imbalanced or players may throw a fit by trolling and picking an agent they cannot play. 

A new cascading system

Riot is thinking of introducing cascading agent selection which gives a player ten seconds to choose an agent and moves it to the next player. This not only helps in curbing Instalocking, but it also gives players a chance to make their decisions without pressure. The new system has a picking order that would determine which players would choose an agent first. Players would also be able to hover over another agent if their first choice gets selected.

According to ValorLeaks, the new system is still in its early stages and Riot Games has not yet released a final version. To get the players' feedback, the company has reportedly sent out surveys.

Courtesy of Valorant

Courtesy of Valorant

Valorant community reaction

Valorant players were somewhat indifferent to the change with people questioning how this will stop players if they don’t get the duelist they want. Other players claim that although this worked for League of Legends, it might not work for Valorant due to League of Legends having more structured roles to prevent this situation. More also say that this might ruin the balance of team comps and still put an unhealthy amount of duelists on a particular team.

For all we know, this new feature could be dead on arrival and we will have to wait on Riot games if they will add this to the game or think up a better way to solve instalocking.

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