Dataminers Leak Name for Valorant's Next Initiator

Dataminers Leak Name for Valorant's Next Initiator

Prominent leaker and dataminer, Valorleaks revealed the name for Valorant's 19th agent confirmed to belong to the Initiator class. Earlier code-named Bounty-Hunter, the next agent of Turkish descent goes by the name 'Fade'.

Slated to stalk her prey with equal parts terror and tactics', Valorant's scary new initiator will possess ''localized initiation and recon tools'' in her kit, giving players new ways to terrorize their opponents. Besides an official confirmation by the developers regarding her kit, leakers were also keen to reveal a gameplay screenshot that displayed the agent’s available abilities. 

After revealing Fade's agent class through the interactive lore added to Shooting Range with Patch 4.07, Riot has also added the theme of 'fear' to the current VCT Masters championship being held in Reykjavík, Iceland.

When will Valorant's 19th Agent be Released?

Besides a slew of official teasers that match the leaks revealed by data miners, there is still no official word from Riot regarding a release date for the upcoming agent, but we expect more information to be out soon. Riot has a habit of releasing new agents at the start of every act, and we expect them to continue their tradition with their next initiator. The current act of Episode 4, Act 3 is scheduled to wrap up on May 10. 

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