Everything new in Valorant Episode 3, Act I

Everything new in Valorant Episode 3, Act I

Enter Episode 3. Act 1

Episode 3 arrives with a bang! Introducing KAY/O, an entirely new Level based progression system, and more skins along with some major changes to the Ranked Matchmaking mechanics.

Courtesy of Riot Games

This episode introduces a brand new agent into the fray - KAY/O. With his suppression and revive mechanics, this power-packed initiator adds new ways to roam the battlefield. Players will want to take careful note of his vast arsenal, whether they're preparing to play with- or against him. 

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

KAY/O special abilities


C  - FRAG/Ment

This ability allows you to throw a floor-clinging fragment. This fragment explodes multiple times and causes considerable damage to any enemy situated within its blast radius.

[Q] - FLASH/Drive

This ability lets you throw a flash grenade, blinding anyone in its line of sight. If you wish to blind anyone close to your location RIGHT click. While LEFT clicking helps you aim the FLASH/drive and delay its detonation by a span of a few seconds.


[E]  - ZERO/Point

This ability allows you to throw a suppression blade. The suppression blade sticks to any aimed surface, causing an explosion. ZERO/Point can be used multiple times in a round, as it has a 40-second recharge rate.


[X] - NULL/Cmd

This ultimate ability enables KAY/O to emit ‘polarized radianite’ energy - which in simple terms allows KAY/O to emit short pulses of energy multiple times. Enemies hit by these energy pulses get suppressed momentarily.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

Episode 3 also finally adds a way to reward players for the amount of time they've spent playing the game. It's now possible for players to display their account level on their Player Card, which increases the more they play. This also brought along a new level cap to encourage players to unlock new borders and looks when they progress through their levels.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Courtesy of Riot Games

The matchmaking mechanic - which would adjust the players’ MMR depending on the number of games played, and then ‘cap them out’ after 100 matches - has been turned off. The devs have clarified that this system only existed to get players into a ranked tier “really quickly”.

As a result, matchmaking is now promised to be up to “50%” more accurate. Ranked matches are expected to feel more balanced with this major overhaul.

The next act, ACT II is rumored to be delayed by two weeks and is expected to kick off within the second week of September.

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