New Plans to Combat Toxicity in Valorant

New Plans to Combat Toxicity in Valorant

Riot Games are implementing new features and tools to help them combat toxicity in their online tactical shooter, Valorant.

These new plans are set to follow a string of new initiatives that will allow Riot to better moderate and filter out bad language.

New voice evaluation system

The toxicity of online gaming culture has been a thorn in the side of titles like Valorant and League of Legends for years. Riot have been vocal about their efforts to remove bad language and hate speech from their gaming communities, and with their new “voice evaluation system”, revealed in a recent blog post, it looks like they’re taking major steps in that direction.

The system will work by recording all in-game voice chats, but they’ll make sure to update with concrete plans about how it’ll work well before they’ll start collecting voice data in any form. The system will start trials in North America around the middle of 2022, as Riot expands on their zero-tolerance towards toxicity across their titles.

Source: Riot Games

Source: Riot Games

Huge progress with recent updates

When looking at the text-chats, Valorant has been undergoing somewhat of a purge in the past two months, with more than 400.000 chat offenders getting the boot in January alone. Toxic accounts with repeated bad behavior scores have been dealt bans lasting up to a year.

Riot have been clear in their goals of lowering the amount of harassment in Valorant, and with these new initiatives, it looks as though they’re equipping themselves to do exactly that.

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