New possible Agent ‘Deadeye’ teased once again

New possible Agent ‘Deadeye’ teased once again

Riot Games have once again dropped a teaser of what could likely be one of the core abilities for their newest agent - rumored to be named ‘Deadeye’.

This short gif released by their official Twitter reveals an exploding bullet with purple radianite energy surging from within. Speculation is rife that this teaser could possibly hint at an Ultimate ability for the upcoming agent.

Possible release with Act 2

Deadeye was first teased in the Valorant Year One Anthem video and had data miners searching through the game’s source code to find any information related to the possible new agent.

With their rather cryptic unveiling with little info other than what data miners have already dug up, players are super eager to get their hands on this suave new agent.

If our speculations are correct, Deadeye is likely to be released in Valorant’s next act - ACT 2, which drops at the start of September.

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