New Recon Collection almost broke the Valorant store

New Recon Collection almost broke the Valorant store

The latest patch in Episode 3 just went live this week, which means that a brand-new skin bundle has made its way to the store.

Aptly named the Recon Collection, the long-awaited bundle includes a military-styled take on the Phantom, Guardian, Ghost, Spectre, and a completely new knife model - the Butterfly Knife.

Record-high demand broke the store

Whenever a new knife skin drops, it’s always going to be in high demand, and this time was no different. Actually, the demand for the Recon Collection was so high, that some players reported they were unable to finish their order, and instead being hit with error messages and frozen screens.

Once the store eventually powered back up to allow everyone to get their hands on the bundle, players finally got the chance to inspect the collection in-game. You can check out the new weapon skins as well as the Butterfly Knife in the video showcase above.

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