Shroud Not Happy With New Valorant Agent, Neon

Shroud Not Happy With New Valorant Agent, Neon

In a recent stream, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was asked his opinion on the latest Valorant agent, Neon, where he was quick to give her the thumbs-down, calling her “pretty bad”.

Neon is the newest dualist to enter the game, focusing on explosive gameplay and aggressive abilities to help players run down opponents. Fans have expressed concern with the lack of utility in her kit, making her very dependent on teammates for entries.

Shroud not impressed with Neon abilities

Much like Riot’s champions in League of Legends, every agent has a specific function that separates them from the rest.

However, since tactical shooters rely heavily on using utility to both enter and defend sites, Neon seems like she will have a hard time finding a place in any sort of competitive sense, which will hurt her pick rate in professional play according to ‘shroud’.

“Trash character. She can be fun though, sliding in and sh*t.” he responded when asked about his opinion on the new agent.

Source: Shroud on YouTube

He went on to question her pick rate in the professional scene. “I really don’t see her fitting into any professional meta. I just don’t.”

One redeeming quality is her ultimate ability, Overdrive, which lets her control her electric powers and channel them into lightning that shoots from her fingertips. "Her ult is the best part of her kit, for sure. Everything else is kind of whatever."

Still, shroud argued that a single ability being good couldn't justify anyone picking Neon. "If you have a character that's only good for her ult, that's not a good character."

Luckily, Riot aren’t shy of making adjustments to their Agents to get them into the meta, but given the fact that Neon has only just been released, it might be a little while before we see her truly come up to speed with the rest of the roster.

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