The Biggest Events at Viciplay So Far

The Biggest Events at Viciplay So Far

Quite a lot has happened at Viciplay since our launch February 24th 2020, and we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our biggest highlights so far. From fixing bugs and introducing new games, to partnerships we’ve made along the way and everything else – we’ve enjoyed every step of the journey and look forward to the next ones!

Adding new games

It’s safe to say that Viciplay wouldn’t be where it is today without a great line up of competitive games. We set out to create a platform that rewards you for the time you put into playing your favorite games every day, so we had to make sure that those games would be available from the get-go.

Of course, adding a game like Valorant or Dota 2 takes a lot of work, and the plan was to roll out new games throughout the first year to ensure everything went as smooth as possible. With every new game, we had to set up unique systems that allow us to track matches as well as create new missions, achievement cards, videos – you name it. Everything was done in-house, which is something that we’re quite proud of!

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Having great prizes

Naturally, raffles are the main attraction at Viciplay and arguably the most important feature we have. They let members spend their hard earned vicicoins on a shot at winning prizes from their favorite gaming brands.

It was important for us that these prizes were something that our members would actually want to win. We spent several months in talks with brands from all across the world, and still do, to ensure that our prizes are in demand and in stock!

Seeing our raffles go live on the site, receiving our first batch of prizes, and finding our very first winner was, needless to say, a very big day for us.

Source: @viciplay on Instagram

Source: @viciplay on Instagram

Overcoming the challenge of the Arena

The Arena is a leaderboard for the very best viciplayers to win guaranteed prizes. It turned out to be one of the most popular aspects of Viciplay, but making it work took a bit more effort than we initially anticipated. We had to spend countless hours balancing how we reward vicicoins in each game to make sure that every playstyle had equal opportunity of winning.

With more than 100+ champions in League of Legends alone, the ways players could earn vicicoins were almost endless. We also had to have an increased focus on preventing smurfing from having an unfair advantage while compensating genuinely great players at the same time.

Introducing ranked multipliers incentivized players to play in higher ranks, while win bonuses and win streaks encouraged teamwork and winning.

Source: @viciplay on Instagram

Source: @viciplay on Instagram

Our members

Our Discord server is a place for our members to interact with each other and get help with using Viciplay. It helps us keep our community engaged while also providing a space for them to share their winnings and play games together.

The various channels also make it easy for us to introduce new features to a huge part of our members.


With a Premium subscription, our members get full access to exclusive features to help them earn even more rewards as they play. Every Premium membership makes a huge difference for everything on our platform. We can't emphasize enough on how the Premium members are the ones keeping us going, and every Premium membership is critical to supporting Viciplay.

If you'd like to show your support (and get a TON of benefits) you can check out our Premium plans here.

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Things to come

As we head towards the next chapters of Viciplay, we'd just like to take the time to thank all of you for making gaming matter with us so far - THANK YOU!

We've had an amazing start and we can't wait to see where the journey will take us moving forward! We have a bunch of new and game changing features planned, and we’re excited to announce them once the time is right. See you on Discord!

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