Valorant Patch 4.0 Highlights

Valorant Patch 4.0 Highlights

The most recent update of Valorant introduces the new agent, Neon, along with an all-new Battlepass, and Skinline. The patch also features adjustments to a few existing weapons and updates to the attacker/defender dynamic of maps such as Blind and Breeze.

Source: Valorant

Source: Valorant

Neon joins the fray!

The new Filipino agent, Neon, is now available. She is a Duelist capable of surging forward at incredible speeds and discharging bursts of bioelectric radiance to catch enemy agents off-guard. A full rundown of her abilities can be viewed on Valorant’s agent page.

Courtesy of Valorant

Updated melee and adjustments to weapons and maps

Adjustments have been made to both left and right-click melee attacks to make them more reliable. Changes were also made to the Spectre, Ares, Guardian, and the Bulldog to make the weapons more balanced and proficient.

Patch 4.0 also brings updates to our favorite maps, Bind and Breeze. Both maps have been adjusted to include more cover options in certain locations to give players more options when defending or retaking sites.

Competitive play requirements

With more Agents and Maps added, new players may find it more difficult to learn Valorant. This is why Patch 4.0 comes with restrictions to competitive play to enable new players to learn the basics of the game before rushing into the competitive ranked experience.

Accounts are now required to reach level 20 before entering a competitive queue. Fear not, Players under level 20 who had entered competitive play before now would still be allowed to play ranked.

Along with 5-stack Rating Penalty changes, and increased map randomization, full detail on Patch 4.0 can be read here.

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