Valorant Patch 4.04 Highlights

Valorant Patch 4.04 Highlights

Valorant’s newest patch kick-starts Episode 4, Act II by overhauling a list of Controller agents, rework to Yoru, along with updates to fan-favorite maps Ascent and Icebox.

With the introduction of 'deterministic map system, Patch 4.04 also includes quality of life updates for maps and agents alike.

Source: Riot Games

Source: Riot Games

Omen receives buffs

With a massive overhaul to agents of the Controller class, Patch 4.04 aims to execute Riot’s intent to re-insert Omen into the competitive meta as a viable pick. Along with the recent buffs to Omen, Riot has also pushed out a slew of nerfs to dominant Controllers Viper and Astra after spotting them at the forefront of competitive play.

Omen’s Dark Cover cooldown has decreased from 40 seconds to 30, with the projectile speed doubled up from 2800 to 6400. With these buffs, Riot has also increased the ability cost from 100 to 150.
Meanwhile, Omen's C Ability Shrouded Step will now cost less, and players would be able to teleport faster, with a reduced pre-teleport delay of 0.7 seconds.

Along with buffs to Brimstone and Omen, Riot Games has also made it easier for players to find placement ground spots to land each Controller ability. The newest update makes it easier to find valid placement locations in tight spots across the map.

Valorant fans can view the complete changes to Icebox and Ascent, and read about the rest of the competitive updates and bug fixes by clicking on the full patch notes article here.

Patch 4.04 is scheduled to release on live servers on Wednesday, March 2.

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