Valorant reveals new skin bundle in collaboration with Zedd

Valorant reveals new skin bundle in collaboration with Zedd

After months of countless teases, Riot Games have officially announced the swanky new skins coming to Valorant - in partnership with Award-winning EDM artist, Zedd.

Courtesy of Riot Games

The bundle includes skins for the Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and melee weapons. The skins feature a glowing Zedd logo on the side that changes colors as you move. Zedd has personally been involved in the making and design of these skins, especially the sound design, helping fans to experience Valorant in an exciting new way.

One of the major selling points of this bundle is the catchy sound design and the new animations. The skins feature a level-based system bringing new animations at every level, up to Level 4.

Level 4 rewards players with an aesthetically pleasing Finisher animation, and features the glowing Zedd x Valorant logo at the top of every player that you kill.

The Valorant Spectrum bundle will cost you 10,700 VP and is expected to be available Wednesday, Sept. 8th, which happens to be a day before the much-awaited Act 2 release.

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