Valorant’s next Agent ‘Deadeye’ delayed by 2 weeks

Valorant’s next Agent ‘Deadeye’ delayed by 2 weeks

Riot Games have pushed the release of the upcoming Valorant agent 'Deadeye' to Patch 3.10, two weeks after its initially planned release with Episode 3, Act 3.

Since the beginning of Act 2, Riot has teased the newest Sentinel in various ways, with a new GIF image hinting at its Contract Weapon.

Riot Producer 'John Goscicki' explained that the developers needed more time to get the Agent's visual cues in order. In a game where even a split-second's difference could cost a team the entire round, we wouldn't complain about the delay.

After numerous teases, the agent will finally be revealed across all of Riot’s social’s tomorrow, October 28th at 3 PM CEST.

Fans can now expect the Agent to be available in-game on November 17, the scheduled date for Patch 3.10.

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