Valorant’s Patch 3.12 Introduces Agent-Specific Keybinds

Valorant’s Patch 3.12 Introduces Agent-Specific Keybinds

After numerous requests from Valorant fans, Riot Games have finally added Agent Specific Keybinds to the game with their newest patch.

With Patch 3.12, Players can now finally configure and assign different keybinds for each Agent to suit their playstyle, thus eliminating the need for making new keybinds while swapping agents every time.

Penalties for Friendly fire added

Players will now receive penalties every time they use grenades or cause damage to their teammates using their abilities. The automatic detection of friendly fire will deter players from causing excessive damage to their allies.

Patch 3.12 doesn't bring new changes or any major additions to the game but works on making the game a better experience for players of all levels. The update is expected to hit live servers Tuesday, Dec 8. Players can read the full Patch Notes here.

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