When Will the Next Map for Valorant Release?

When Will the Next Map for Valorant Release?

With Fracture getting settled in the competitive rotation, Valorant looks to be getting ready for its next addition to its ever-expanding map pool.

New details hint at a map that will take players to South America, possibly with a two level map with narrow entrance points and overlapping bomb sites.

We’re going to run through what we (could) know about Valorant’s upcoming 8th map.

Fracture details hint at new map location

Currently only known as map 8, Riot Games are yet to reveal anything officially other than hinting at a possible location in emails between Oran McEneff, Ruben Pontes, and Aurora that pop up when interacting with the Defender and Attacker spawns on Fracture.

The emails describe a city-wide geodome, a sort of greenhouse-like structure meant to protect against harsh climates and temperatures.

More specifically, the email sent from ‘Aurora’ seems to be sent from the location of the geodome with a sender address titled ‘Academia do Futuro’, perhaps implying that the map is located in Brazil.

Add to that the recent teaser posted on the official Valorant twitter depicting a wall with a floor plan and a possible bomb site location.

The leftmost floor plan seems to highlight multiple entryways to one site, with one of them being from an underground level. This could indicate that the map will feature multiple levels with a bomb site on each, much like Nuke in CS:GO.

Above the schematics, the name ‘Raze’ has been painted in graffiti, who, of course, originates from Brazil.

New Valorant map release date

Given the recent release of Fracture, it’s not likely that Riot are planning to drop map 8 anytime soon.

In all likelihood, the release of Episode 4 of Act 3 will also be when we get to see what the next Valorant map will be about.

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