Swain To Receive Rework in League of Legends Season 12

Swain To Receive Rework in League of Legends Season 12

Riot is in full swing with its series of mid-scope updates in League of Legends, and now Swain looks to be next in line for a rework. Originally, Swain was set to receive buffs in the latest patch, which were delayed in favor of bigger changes.

Much awaited updates

Originally intended as a mid-lane harrier, Swain has since been demoted to support, which is where he’s most likely to be played in the current meta on the rare occasion that he does get picked.

Now Riot has added the struggling General to their increasingly long list of aging champions in need of a rework. The update is overdue, as Swan was intended to be buffed for patch 12.6, but the developer decided to move the buffs to give him a complete rework.

Will be more like the Swain fans used to know

While Riot still hasn’t revealed the full list of changes planned for Swain, early adjustments point to reduced cooldowns on both ‘Death’s Hand’ and ‘Demonic Ascension’ to encourage more “spammable Q in lane, and higher uptime on Ult”.

When is Swain rework releasing in League of Legends?

No information has been given on when we can expect to see a buffed Swain take back the mid-and top lane, but fans can at least expect him to see him return to form in Season 12.

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