Valorant unveils comic-book stylised ‘Radiant Crisis #001’ bundle

Valorant unveils comic-book stylised ‘Radiant Crisis 001’ bundle

Riot Games have announced the hyper-stylized Radiant-Crisis 001 skin bundle incorporating 2D animations within the game, all in the distinct style of a graphic novel.

With their newest bundle, Riot have continued their streak of bringing unique animations to the game rather than just skins, with their last one being a collaboration with a well-known EDM artist.

The Radiant Crisis bundle features three upgradable levels for each of its weapons, while even its Baseball Bat melee allows players to experience different textures and effects on leveling up.


  • LEVEL 1 - New Visual Design
  • LEVEL 2 - Custom Visual Effects


  • LEVEL 1 - New Visual Texture Design
  • LEVEL 2 - Custom Visual Effects
  • LEVEL 3 - Kill Banner

‘Radiant Crisis’ 001 is a premium skin bundle that will cost you 7100 VP, shipping November 2 with Patch 3.09.

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